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eDesign Questionnaire

e-Design questionnaire is our digital interview to kick off working together!

e-Design Questionnaire

If you want a new design for your space and are willing to do some of the leg work (whether you live in the Austin / NYC area, or not,) e-Design just might be for you.  E-Design gives you top notch designer vision without the hefty price tags.  You get to move at your own pace and share in our designer discounts!  If this sounds like something you are interested in, please move onto the questionnaire below.

This is our digital interview.  It is where you get to show me the things that you love the most.  The more feedback, the better as I will use this information to build your initial mood boards.  There are no right or wrongs.  Go with what is visually pleasing and resonates the most. 

It is YOUR home and I want you to love everything we create together!  ~ Dréa

Personal Information
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Style Determination
List your 3 favorite styles from the grid above.
Share design inspiration from around the web. Copy + paste links you love from Pinterest, Houzz, or other sources here.
Please list items your designer must include in this design scheme.
A space's vibe is very different than it's style.
What is your budget range for this room?
This is to help your designer understand the best way to use your money.
My budget is flexible.
I prefer quantity over quality.
I would go over budget for the right item.
Materials + Finishes
Metal Finish Preferences: *
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Materials Preferences *
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The Process *
The Process
Select the one that most reflects your thoughts.
I want to be very involved (collaborative) in the design process.
I have strong opinions about style + design.
I want my designer to push the envelope with out of the box ideas.
I am in a rush to get this project completed.
Is there anything you like your designer to know that isn't included in the questionnaire?