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by Dréa Peters

Not Your Typical Tiny House

I have been keeping my eye on the tiny house design world for some time now. Not that I think I can live in a tiny house full time or anything.  ANYONE who knows me or been inside any of my residences (heck even inside my car!) knows this wouldn't be possible. 

I am not even remotely close to being a minimalist.  I like to collect things.  I also like to have ALL of those things within reach or eye sight ... "organized chaos" is how I describe a subset of my design aesthetic.  This is definitely NOT compatible with tiny house living.

However, I am working towards my goal of being bi-coastal* a couple of months a year - back home on the East Coast with my family.  *If you think of where I live now (Austin, Texas) as the 3rd coast.  

Artwork by Holli Hartman

Artwork by Holli Hartman

I can be a minimalist for 2 months a year.  I swear.  I wouldn't believe me either except that my motivation is my pack of fur children.  My pups are my life and my entire family is allergic.  So for my puppies sake and for my sanity, a tiny home seems like the solution.

photograph of owen henry by dréa peters

photograph of owen henry by dréa peters

I digress.  Back to tiny homes.  I have collected a bunch of tiny home inspo pictures over the years but this one is my fav to date.

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